The new garden is ready and waiting for spring

Finally, finally finally.

After years of complaining (mostly to myself) I’ve finally put in my herb garden. Well started it anyway.

I’ve cleared the dreaded gout weed that infests our yard. At least I have removed it from the garden bed at any rate. I will be haunted by this infernal green beast to the end of my days.

The weedy spring garden

As you can see with this past spring came some bulbs but also weeds. I resolved to fix this early on and be done with the weeds once and for all.


Of course the weeks rolled on by and I ended up resolving to do very little. Hey I was busy and somewhat lazy and… oh just shut up will you!


Ah but then my glorious week off in August became my workweek and to my delight I found some time to clear the weeds and begin my toiling. I cleared the whole bed out, laid down landscaping material and then shoveled in new soil.


And while the fall is quickly approaching I can confidently say I now have a start on my perennial herb garden. There are chives, mint, lavender and cone flower as well as some leftover phlox I didn’t feel like moving. I’ve also left the clematis in the hope that it comes back in a less feeble form. We will see what we see next spring.

I flock to phlox

I’ve been going through my old files looking for some photos of our gardens to date.

We've got pink and white but most of our phlox are purple.

I’m not totally sure what type they are as they have been in our garden as long as I can remember. We have hot pink, white, a lighter pink but most of them are purple. While I am adding many other perennials to the side garden the phlox will always be the main theme.

We got rid of the vines as the swallows were building a small city but the phlox come back each year.

I’d love some suggestions as to other colours or companion plants for the phlox as well. Please let me know what you think.