Old School

This schoolhouse has been in my family since 1970 and was built in 1929. Before that there was another school on the property. This is where I will share some of that history.

The Greater Harvey Historical Society has written a short piece about all of the old schools in our community including good ol’ number four.

A basic history on area schools

And I’ve found a few old photos in a drawer that give you an idea of what the building was like when it actually operated as a school.

This is SS No. 4. This is likely when it was first built. Everything is so neat and tidy. Notice the outhouse on the back of the shed. There are actually two—one for girls and one for boys. That large tree is still in the yard, though it is a little worse for wear these days.

When my grandparents moved in the building had already been converted to a house. Over the years they made many improvements. It would be nice to be able to incorporate many of the original school elements as restoration allows.

4 thoughts on “Old School

  1. What a wonderful project! It’s always interesting to see how people renovate old buildings, churches, post offices, schoolhouses… I’ve been inside some “converts” and the creativity it took to get the building there…amazing!

  2. Ariel, thanks for visiting my blog! I had to follow the link when I saw your blog’s name… my husband and I were considering a summer home in Wisconsin (we’re in Chicago) just when the economy went south and so we didn’t do it. But one of the places we drooled over online was a one-room schoolhouse – it had a small second story and a full basement also, where the kitchen was – that had been used for a quilt shop and was zoned residential or business. And it was $109,000. I still have a HUGE regret that we didn’t go look at it.

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