Ready for armageddon—if the power stays on

Why oh why did I let Pat take the recycling down to the garbage room last week?

I guess we will have to build a shelf...

I guess we will have to build a shelf…

It appears that someone in our building tried to recycle (are they even recyclable?) all of their old VHS tapes and we hit the mother lode. We keep an old VCR at the schoolhouse and while we already had hundreds, we have just found a few hundred more.

there are more than can be seen here as well. It seems that as soon as I find a little extra room we manage to fill it back up. Though I guess it matters a little less that we don’t really get any channels anymore.

Have I moved?

Despite names on deeds for several decades it appears we have moved the schoolhouse.

Moving the old Blacksmith Shop

OK so that is a bit of an overstatement and that photo is something else entirely. The last time I was up we received a letter in the mail from Canada Post. Apparently our township in its infinite wisdom has changed our 911 numbers and removed our rural route. We have a new postal code and a new number and a new town according to our address.

It appears that Wolfe was sort of right. You can go home again but it isn’t necessarily where you left it.