Summer is over



At least that is what my drought-riddled flower bed here is telling me. I know I didn’t go up to the schoolhouse as much as I had hoped this year so I guess that meant my gardens didn’t get the love and attention they needed. The dry summer took its toll and while they all soldiered on as best they could now I fear all is lost.

Well I guess I might as well plant the bulbs for the spring now.

My little urban achievers: August

My little urban achieves are growing up.

Though I guess that is sort of the point of growing a balcony garden. The tomatoes, though small, are plentiful. My lone pepper is actually growing some siblings which surprised me this late in the season.

But the real stars are the hot peppers. Man are we going to have a spicy winter. I suspect this year’s Superbowl chili dogs are going to bark extra loud.


My new friends

We seem to have some new visitors to the schoolhouse this year.

More specifically to the hummingbird feeder. The feeder has been popular with hummingbirds of course but also these moths or butterflies. Does anyone know what they are? They certainly seem to like the nectar.

If anyone knows what it is I would very much like to know.