Eggs: An infographic

I’ve never understood the appeal of colouring eggs at Easter.

Eggs are good scrambled after too many beers the night before and, in chocolate form, at any time. But people seem to like it so I thought I would share this infographic I found that at least makes it sound a bit more interesting than I remember it.

Elegant Easter Eggs

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Sump pumps suck when they don’t suck

after this long, cold winter I had been looking forward to spring.
Then came the call from our friend who checks on the house. The sump pump in the root cellar had quit and the cellar was filling fast. Nothing between us and the icy cold ground water other than our hardwood floors and a few electric pumps.

After careful electrical disconnects and discovering a fortunate second sump socked away in the shed, we’ve been able to stop in in flow from becoming a totally disastrous deluge. Thanks to our kind friend and ex-neighbour we have saved the house from major damage once again.

Needless to say for this reason (and others) we have very little interest in that new Russell Crowe flood film.

Succulents don’t suck

A couple of weeks ago I got a little creative.

Don’t worry—it was under direct professional supervision. My friend and I recently attended a workshop on succulents at Griffin’s Greenhouse in Lakefield. We learned a little and were able to get our hands messy as we potted up several displays of succulents, rocks and moss.

The most creative I get

This nifty concrete planter is on the dining room table right now but will soon grace our balcony as a heat hardy summer display.

New shoes and purse

There were some very original containers for us to use. It makes you think about the different types of things we can use to display our plants. I’m curious to see what else I might do this year!