There seems to be a lot of naked problems out there

OK now I am curious.

Since I posted this bit on the person who found my blog while searching for solutions to hiding naked neighbours, there has been a rash of similar searches, including “fat naked guy next door”, “tanned naked old dude” and other similar beauties. Is there an epidemic of naked out there or something? Perhaps I should write something about the benefits of blinds and curtains as well?

Photos: thinking “outside the frame”

We are going through old photos looking for something to put on our desolate condo walls.

I’m realizing I haven’t printed any photos in some time. I am going to have to get on that. In the meantime Pat is sorting through old frames we have collected and trying to come up with a photo wall “vision”.

He will hate all of these but I thought I would share my findings from a recent Pinterest search. I don’t like all of them either but they are definitely representative of thinking “outside the frame”.

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest dkdkdkddddkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkd

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

Yellow bathroom yes or no?

I’ve been thinking about painting the schoolhouse bathroom yellow.

This would a quick and easy solution to its current bachelor board look and may brighten up the one room that has no windows.

I thought it might be cheery but all of the selections on Pinterest are paired with grey. I think that is weird. What does everyone else think?

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

Or I could just do this for fun?

Canadians and their houses: an infographic

It seems we do like our homes.

I recently came across this infographic at from the folks at Domicile Experts. I like it because it shows that despite what HGTV and home reno media portrays, a lot of us are in small homes, with mortgages, with one bathroom and some traditional heating sources.

Sure we would no doubt like mansions with 15 bathrooms and a frozen yogurt dispenser in the rumpus room but for now we should be content to work with what we have and make our small homes our happy place.

 Canadian Homeowners

The vestibule is “best”-ibule

OK so I made that word up.

But a vestibule is good. You can take your boots off in here and not mess up the rest of the house. It can be where the winter clothes live while you are in summer wear. It’s a great place to stand while you wait for the school bus or your ride to town.

We haven’t had a chance to paint the vestibule yet and I am itching to do it. There is some extra vacation time tucked away in my file so I may have to do it this fall. And while we are just painting now, eventually we want to make this small, square entrance way a useful space.

I’ve turned to Pinterest to see what ideas it can offer.

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

Oh nuts! The neighbours are naked again: Using shrubs and evergreens for privacy

Someone found my blog using the search term, “Neighbour nude in the backyard.”

Hot fat tan bald naked old guy

After searching my brain to try to figure out what on earth I had written to allow that kind of keyword search (still not sure). I started to wonder if this was actually a problem for people. At the schoolhouse we have no immediate neighbours and other than people who walk down the road we could likely play naked badminton (insert shuttlecock joke here) and not really bother anyone.

Though there is nothing wrong with “nude-ing” it up once in awhile, not everyone wants to share your beliefs. Especially when great-aunt Mabel is having tea in the backyard.

So I thought I should come to the aid of this poor person who may still be shuttered away indoors or at least be forced to wear welder’s goggles in the yard so as not to have to see his neighbours au naturel. I’ve found a couple of links for planting plants, shrubs and trees that will block out the next door nude folk.

I came across this advice that might help hide the nude neighbours from These folks have been hiding old naked people with their old home gardening advice for years.

Evergreen privacy screens

The fine folks at the Arbor Day Foundation have created a step-by-step guide for creating a private space.

How to Plant a Privacy Hedge

The major points on the Arbor Day Foundation include

The Arbor Foundation has a lot of great information on shrubs, plants and all sorts. You will have to look around because the website does not have a “How to hide the naked neighbour” tab for some reason.

So wherever that wayward surfer is looking for these details, I hope they find this.

A step-by-step guide for newbie planters: An infographic

Not everyone got to grow up with gurus or see farms on a daily basis like me.

And hey, I talk a good game, but my gardening still leaves something to be desired.

For those newbies out there I came across this infographic that may help with your planting next year. I’m hoping it will help me with my indoor plants. I’ve never been all that great with transplanting, breaking up or seeding indoors from a cutting. Let’s hope this helps us all.

Browse more data visualizations.