It’s chili sauce up in here

I took some time up here to do a little canning.

Since I only made a small batch (three jars!) Of jam this year and my frozen strawberries were lost in the Great Toronto Power Outage of 2013 I had some jars going spare so I thought I would try making chili sauce.

I also found the old grinder and wanted to give it a whirl.

I tried a new recipe from my preserving cook book (The Complete Book of Pickling by Jennifer MacKenzie) and it seems to have worked really well. You’ll have to try some!

Infographic: Feng Shui your home

Sometimes a subtle change can go a long way.

I found this infographic about Feng Shui and I thought it looked great (despite typos!).  An interesting challenge to try if you are bored at home and want to inspire wealth, happiness, intellect or any other important aspect. Who knew a goldfish bowl was so important?

Need Good Luck? Feng Shui Your Home!

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