Throw these my way!

Ok now that the condo is painted. I need some throw pillows!

I’ve been scouting for the right colours and have a few potentials. Not sure which way I want to go though. Here are a few options from Etsy. This pillow is totally Toronto but also gives me the travel bug!


This pillow is great but I am not sure if the colour is quite right.

blue patterned

Or perhaps something a littler nerdier?
death star


A Former Schoolhouse Is Converted Into A Rad Modern House by Beauty and Hairstyle

Very cool and modern take on a schoolhouse. Take a look!

Interior Design

Details: Photographer: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer Source: Dom & Wnetrze

By: Julia Millay Walsh

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Eggs: An infographic

I’ve never understood the appeal of colouring eggs at Easter.

Eggs are good scrambled after too many beers the night before and, in chocolate form, at any time. But people seem to like it so I thought I would share this infographic I found that at least makes it sound a bit more interesting than I remember it.

Elegant Easter Eggs

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Succulents don’t suck

A couple of weeks ago I got a little creative.

Don’t worry—it was under direct professional supervision. My friend and I recently attended a workshop on succulents at Griffin’s Greenhouse in Lakefield. We learned a little and were able to get our hands messy as we potted up several displays of succulents, rocks and moss.

The most creative I get

This nifty concrete planter is on the dining room table right now but will soon grace our balcony as a heat hardy summer display.

New shoes and purse

There were some very original containers for us to use. It makes you think about the different types of things we can use to display our plants. I’m curious to see what else I might do this year!


Brighten up your home: An infographic

Looking for some new lighting ideas?

Anyone who has been to our condo has likely bumped their heads on our dining room overhead lamp that lights a little too low. We are looking at our options to re-light soon. In the meantime here is an infographic to give you a few ideas.
Brighten up your home this Spring

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My accent pillows are accented with fur

I’ve been meaning to shop for new throw pillows for the living room but my current ones are generally occupied.

I guess there doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy anything too expensive, hard to care for or anything I won’t mind getting furry.

It's important not to wear black at our house...

It’s important not to wear black at our house…

A novel approach to holiday decorating

My neighbour in the condo appears to have gotten creative.
They have posted this on their front door for the holidays. A neat idea but hard to store I suspect. I tried to read the pages to see if it was a ChrIstmas book but surmised it was likely the book on the shelf that was already falling apart.

What is eye-catching? An infographic

Here is an interesting infographic.

While it covers the people part of attraction I think it also captures some interesting information about colour and design. Enjoy!

What Do We Consider Eye-Catching?: The Psychology of Attraction

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.