Work to do

Well I finally made it up to the schoolhouse and I’ve got my gardening cut out for me.

My baskets have all been made up. I am sticking with simple things this year in order to make sure all survives the hot summer.
003 The Allium that I planted last year seems to have done well and I like the dark purple.
005 However that is one of the few things that looks decent as I have to do some serious clearing out of this side garden. My not so favorite weed has returned.
008 009 The apple tree is in full bloom and I can hear the bees buzzing about so we’ll hope for a full crop of our tiny, sour apples.011
I almost missed the lilac but I managed to get a couple of bouquets out of it. I hope to spread some more around next year as well.

The balcony is open

Well I’ve been sick for the past few weeks but not I am back in action and so is the balcony garden.

I’ve been late to the post but have tried to catch up. My flowers are planted, my seedlings are growing and my herb garden already has produced an abundant crop.


I’ve done up my hanging baskets and even a little colour in my table planter. This will go on the full table once I have finished painting it this weekend. I’ve gone with stocks and snapdragons for colour and butterflies who meander their way up to our floor.


Watch for more photos soon!

Strawberry daiquiri can’t be far away

I’m going to take advantage of the heat and sun our condo balcony gets this summer and try to grow strawberries.

April May 2013 011

I picked up this nifty hanging basket at a greenhouse near Waterloo on a recent trip to the parentals. I’m hoping for a bumper crop as it has already grown quite a few flowers.

So when we head up to the schoolhouse to work on weekends, we can look forward to strawberry daiquiri when we return to the city. Or at least a decorative strawberry on the side.