More lawn to mow and whipper snip

That was the subject line from an email from our current tenant.

We are bartering some work with a friend while he stays at our abode for a few months. Hey we weren’t using it right now anyway.

He’s been a busy little bee and has left us with a tidy lawn for next spring.

Raking and burning and clearing, oh my! It is already much nicer than how I usually leave it in the fall. It’s nice to see changes and upkeep even when we aren’t there.

The feline details

Sometimes decorating isn’t about what works but what works for your cat.

All of our soft furnishings have been carefully selected by cats.

Finn our blind but agile feline likes to find comfortable spots and spend the day tucked into a warm and safe place. I discovered this spot not too long ago. At least I seem to have discovered it a few hours after he did.

Crooked postal service

Now I don’t mean to disparage the fine folks at Canada Post. I have no beef with them. Today anyway.

However I’ve been leaning toward a grudge with the local “Mr. Plow” who seems to know just the right amount of snow to push into our yard to get my mailbox leaning.

Back in my babysitting days, when I worked for the local road superintendent, it was easy to barter to get it pushed back up in the spring. But my babysitting days are long gone and this wayward post box has started to add to the general decrepitude of the place. Besides the house that was long known for its orange signs out front during elections shouldn’t have a right-leaning position in the front yard should it?

All is right with the world now that the mailbox has been righted.

Decrepitude no more! This fall and winter we are bartering with a neighbour who has sold up and needs a place to store some things and himself for a bit. He has both the tools and the upper body strength I sorely lack and has righted the mailbox that had gone all wrong lo these many years.

Now all the hooligans in the neighbourhood who cursed our mailbox for its distance from the window they were hanging out of whilst playing mailbox baseball once again have a worthy opponent. My morning glories can once again grow straight and true around the post. And while I am oft accused of having leftist leanings, at least our mailbox has at least moved “liberally” and has chosen the centre for its new view.