Throw these my way!

Ok now that the condo is painted. I need some throw pillows!

I’ve been scouting for the right colours and have a few potentials. Not sure which way I want to go though. Here are a few options from Etsy. This pillow is totally Toronto but also gives me the travel bug!


This pillow is great but I am not sure if the colour is quite right.

blue patterned

Or perhaps something a littler nerdier?
death star


See How A Former Schoolhouse Was Turned Into A Cozy Property


I would like to see more of this!

Originally posted on Womenous:

David Thiergartner, a companion at the Manhattan design and style firm Bradley Thiergartner Interiors, was captivated by the idea of an option living space. Once his agent found a former schoolhouse in the town of West Hurley, N.Y., Thiergartner took no probabilities. ?I just pulled… by

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What in the world is going on with schoolhouses

Abandoned. Restored. Lived in. Repurposed.

That seems to be the lot of the life of a schoolhouse. They all seem to fit into these categories. I’ve been collecting interesting photos from around the world of Pinterest and have found some great photos.

This is just a sample of the photos I've seen so far.

This is just a sample of the photos I’ve seen so far.

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Painting the town

I am off to the schoolhouse and whilst I am away the living room and dining room are getting a fresh coat of paint.

A pleasant surprise will await me while I work at gardening and cleaning for the next few days at the schoolhouse. We’ve got a few irons in the fire for the next few weeks so hopefully we will be able to tick a few things off the old list.

I will be happy to see that flat eggshell I have been scuffing and swearing at since we moved in. The previous owners painted it flat and then their children promptly began marking it up. Though we have done our share.

So long eggshell!

Annual report

Well so far so good is the status update on my annuals at the schoolhouse.

Schoolhouse 2014
The boxes of geraniums and bacopa seem to not only manage sporadic watering but thrive as a result. The petunias are a little less well off but not so bad as it could be. Not that it is an annual but it appears the nearby hosta has gone nuts in its new locale.
This basket seems to be doing very well. I guess I made the right choices this year.